I remember
when we burned
down the family car
for insurance money.

It was midnight
in September when
Dad pulled to the
side of the road
and told me and my
mother to get out.

He kept the car
for an hour
just to burn
the remaining
in the tank

I was cold
and hunched over
from the hunger that
crept through my stomach
the taste of cough medicine
and digested cereal
stuck in my throat.

About the Author:
Yevgeniy Levitskiy has received a B.A. in English-Education from Brooklyn College, and is currently pursuing an M.A.. His writing has been published numerous times in The Junction. His forthcoming publications include The Books They Gave Me (Free Press/Simon & Schuster), Maggot Bible, and Eunoia Review. He is currently at work on his second novel.