11 months in London

As I turn left off Oxford Street
cloaked in a low sky and shuffling
along with the other furrowed brows

I search for the accent of my youth
"Tomato" or "Tomahto" or "Tomata"
"Aunt" or "Ant" or "Auntie"

Punching my cold fists into a
Harrods jacket I enter the tube,
shortly reaching another
grey gray station and soon see
a pub with an old fashioned
clock against the liquored mirror,

damn, it's way past our meeting time
and am I at the right place? 

I really could go for 
comfort food now, we need this


"Buffalo Wings?" Or is it "Fish and Chips?"
Maybe "Saltfish?"

Which of these do I want?
Eh,  it's too late for such a

A sudden hiss of wind
angrily flaps my jacket, and
a raindrop

taps my shoulder-
as a stranger does when they have
wandered and need

About the Author,
Tony Walton: I am a Caribbean writer living in the Cayman Islands and my works have appeared in Storyteller Magazine, Moonkind Press, Whisperings Magazine, Mountain Tales Press, Out of Our Magazine, Poetry Bay Magazine, Burningword Magazine, Wilde Magazine, Nite Writers Literary International Literary Journal, Avalon Literary Review, Iceland Daily, East Lit Literary Magazine, Boston Poetry Magazine, Eunoia Magazine, Olentangy Review, Carnival Literary Magazine and Verity LA.