Sweet Home

(December 2010)

Electricity is black for months
The taps are dry for months
Money is limited to the affluent
Hope is what I have in surplus
Yet I pay my dues
I preach patriotism to my angels
I discourage disloyalty
All these for you, sweet, oh sweet home

Lost them for no reason
Never been to hell
But experience hell
Six precious children
That is darker than not having electricity
Dehydrated, such that water supply can’t refresh…
Compensation can’t bring back my angels
Abandonment that is my gain

Public services and an unfair system
They have both killed my children
What else is spiritual poverty?
A sick society that kills it own
A depraved society that takes ….
But never gives
This certainly is not leadership
What you offer is pain

About the Author: Temidayo Ogan is popularly known for her National Consciousness movement and campaigns. She uses many tools including literature to inform the society on the need for dialogue in the pursuit of social reformations. She graduated with B.A (Hons) from the English and Literary Studies department of the University of Port-Harcourt in Nigeria and she has other certificates in Mass Communication and Theology to her credit. She has also taken International and National Safety Professional courses. She is a journalist, mentor, public speaker, social change agent, safety expert and public affairs analyst who has contributed to the development of many sectors in her home country. She also has many national and international nominations and merit awards under her belt. She is a member of many National and International Associations of Safety Professionals. She is the founder of TOCSS foundation, an organization working on injury prevention, youth development and family support since 2007.