Amor Fati

     God is confused. Why should people take what they are born into so seriously? Everything is decided by a roll of omniscient dice. But God’s all-seeing eyes have suddenly witnessed the mothers and fathers who loathe each other, the children in chelation therapy, the world trying to talk itself toward a recovery that will never happen.

     He cradles His head in His hands. (This is a gesture He has no need for. It is a gesture of the completely overwhelmed and disempowered. But God has decided it has a certain dramatic flare and has incorporated it into his repertoire.)

     He denies. He argues and officially leaves the responsibility of his actions to the hangers-on and the firmament. Lines appear on his countenance. He looks at the angels with harps and the book of life and the heavenly swordsmen and the sacred wood and realizes he meant for things to be different. God’s voice in his own head tells him:
So many people have such a deep desire to be someone else it’s a wonder the world goes on at all.

     He can’t talk to himself without hearing the voice of God. It’s part of the problem. Yahweh shouts at the nothingness (which is wholly his own fault!):
How? How could I have known it would happen this way?

     The question sounds to all other ears like the singing of angels. No one answers him. You may or may not choose to believe this.

About the Author:
Ranee Zaporski's writing has previously appeared in the Cream City Review and Mcsweeney’s Internet Tendencies. It also been featured on the CBC radio show WireTap and the online journal The Tusk. She lives in Chicago and uses twitter everyday on the CTA: @RAZapper