The Colonel

“A government is a criminal enterprise.” – Elster, in Don DeLillo’s Point Omega.

King me! Computer checkers ring the tribes
In diplomatic double-talk that mounts
All those I cannot fool and hands out bribes
Of virgin twelve-year-olds and bank accounts.
These medals give my war crimes special station,
So when I smile, I seal my judges’ doom,
Then ride insurgency’s unbridled nation
To succor terror babies from the womb.
Once, corporations were the State and hired
Mercenaries who’d enforce their scams,
Dissolving borders with machetes wired,
And money transferred Into holograms.

Now, ruthless power writhes this judas tree
With criminal kisses to sell. King me!

About the Author:
Michael Karl (Ritchie) is a Professor of English at Arkansas Tech University, where he serves as advisor to the undergraduate literary magazine, Nebo. He has had three small press chapbook publications and work published in various small press magazines, including Gihon River Review, Margie, and The Arkansas Literary Forum.