We Forgot to Make Time for Nostalgia

If we hadn’t, maybe there would be a hand
stringing the tape out from the video

of the apocalypse. There would also be
a river, crested and fallen, which we couldn’t
edit the dirtiest parts out of. We’d go to church

on YouTube, with foils of dye in our hair.
We’d just make another day of the week
to avoid mowing the lawn. Not everybody

hates grass, after all. Eventually though,
we’d spray the shit out it anyway, with
a product called New Testament Weed Killer.

It was on sale! These were some of the ways
we avoided looking at each other in this condition,
with our lips successfully reassembled,

because we’d actually gotten used
to going about our days without them.

About the Author: Lucas Pingel lives in the Twin Cities and teaches at St. Catherine University. He is the author of two chapbooks, most recently All Types of Breath Included (Further Adventures, 2009). Other poems have recently appeared in The North American Review, Cant, West Trade Review, Sawbuck, and Midway Journal.