What Else Had We

What spirit we had
Like peas engaged
Engaged and married

Bought baby clothes and toys and furniture
Purchased all the popular brands of peripheral gear
We snatched what credit we could wrangle
From every offer promising platinum pre-approval

Phasing in sync as a married couple and a family
Love kept up and we kept stretching the dinners
And then we moved to capture the house equity

The new place was a bad fit
We troubled ourselves but could not be bothered
Broken off from the normalcy of spending

Impatient for the leftovers to be boxed up
We thought we could separately bow out
Extinguish the last blaring light in the building

What spirit we had
A slap in the face it felt
We had to split into unholy factions

Shifting logic and alliances
Personal back channel treachery
Social media the final and most potent trip

Debts finally extinguished we dispersed
We blew off special occasions handily
So far away it didn’t and couldn’t hurt



About the Author, Louis Del Grosso: LDG has poetry in several journals including Mulberry Fork Review, Straight Forward Poetry, and Triggerfish Critical Review and most recently poetry in Crosswinds.