In whips with cash they’d blazon town to town
rosed Bel. Traduced his bike garaged with dad
he’d freight through weald atop graffitied cars:
skeletoned slash, charred heath of windrowed trash,
etheric silos scabrous, grange, daymoon
exsanguinated. Deer cerise to soy
return as strait by train is canalized
and threnody atunes leafclaque while burn
landfills neath vultures candled by the sun.
The rasorial peregrine’s nascence.
On rasceta incised youth’s crucible
an X of ligature: suborned on Gulf’s
postern twixt dumpsters, interstate’s far rote,
she came that night to him with knife and dust.

About the Poet,
Joseph Harms:
Joseph Harms' fiction and poetry have appeared in or will be appearing in
Boulevard, The Alaskan Quarterly Review, Ithacalit, Out of Our, Red Ochre Press, Lines+Stars, The American Dissident, Bad Idea, The Ann Arbor Current and Writing Conference, Inc. 'Azazel & Bel' is from a sonnet series titled 'Bel.' Joseph Harms is currently seeking representation for his novel CANT.