A Posterity Conceived and Born of Conscious Love

— Margaret Sanger

god she said is not a baker
she knew very well the answer
say what you mean she was told
and she started here but went round the world
she told them she told them good
desperate the crowded house
would have it how long it took how far
to China for lunch Germany for chemicals
Ireland for drear she came back to a league
that wanted itself and needed themselves a waistline
she left for the clinic the clinic
lines to the corner crammed with how
with howling babies how many their ages
name address married or single
couldn’t keep up she was thrown around
but kept her fingertips to herself felt the skin
tried to remember her father’s face he said
the shape of the head reveals a person
and in the end she was the delicate of
a husband just the idea of it a comfort she was
dangling over space someone found her and helped her up
gave her a swat on the bottom sent her home
not a very long time something
not in mind yet something she would do
bending the knees can help follow these steps
will it be rhythm continence or pessaries jellies
and case histories and raids and the head
of the policewoman’s bureau and husbands on the roof
the advancement of science civilized discoveries secrets
of life and all the while something so visible so obvious
just allow it just show them how is all

About the Poet, Jeffrey Kingman: My work has appeared in North Atlantic Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Grey Sparrow, decomP, PANK, Squaw Valley Journal, Crack the Spine, the Lascaux Prize 2015 anthology, sPARKLE & bLINK, and Light and Shadow anthology, among others. I was the 2012 Revolution House Flash Fiction Contest winner, the Red Berry Editions 2015 Broadside Contest winner, and the Eyelands Book Awards 2018 Prize winner in the unpublished poetry book category. I have been a finalist in several other writing competitions. I have attended numerous conferences including Napa Valley Writers’ Conferences, Omnidawn Press Workshops, UC Berkeley Extension class, Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, and Nebraska Summer Writers’ Conferences. I have studied with Jane Mead, Norma Cole, Laura Walker, and Barbara Claire Freeman, among others. When not writing, I can be heard banging on the drums in a band called O Happy Dagger.