Lazy Sunday Morning

She can smell it: the weather is still
too cold outside.
Four robins lift worms from the frozen
lawn; a late morning wind carries
dust and the musk of winter daphne.
A zipper taps in the dryer & taps. 
The neighbors’ excited squawking fills
the sidewalk. The woman continues
to hibernate despite caffeine & the tidy lists
she’s penned of things she will never do
before nightfall, despite the zipper’s tap
taps, despite this insistent typewriter
tapping out another wrecked plot.




About the Author: A professor of English at Cosumnes River College, Heather Hutcheson is founding editor of the campus literary journal, the Cosumnes River Journal, and she organizes an annual senior and student memoir conference. She spends summers teaching English in Oaxaca, Mexico. A former journalist for The Desert Sentinel and The Atascadero News and contributor to numerous other publications, she has been published nationally. She blogs at