The Displaced

Verbal history is handed down,
how ancestors forced to flee
abandoned comfort to
begin the circumlocution
that circumstance required.
This crablike crawl,
a generation’s serpentine sojourn,
lands us smack dab in the fulcrum
of this rack and wheel midway
where the mediocre reign supreme.
Dismissed on borrowed time,
we feel disquietude, desperation,
angst for the memories and doubt.
Don’t provoke us, for we are not
the smiling servants you think you see.
Rather, the temporary silence hides
our secret yearnings, and some distant
winter star’s sparkle might prove catalyst
to awaken the stiff rebellion which
waits inevitably to right the pandemic
of petty wrongs that have accrued like
weeds over this bleak landscape
we never truly called home.
When the season is right,
when the weather cooperates,
when fate bends to destiny,
then we shall cease to stoop and shuffle,
and no bitter fool will fail to
shake these shackles of existential ennui
for a chance to change
a lifetime of repressed anger
into something fantastic,
a fungible phenomenon,
a return to comfort within our own skin.

About the Author:
Gary Glauber is a poet, fiction writer, teacher, and music journalist. His works have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, and one was named “A Notable Online Story” by StorySouth’s Million Writers Award panel. He took part in The Frost Place’s conference on teaching poetry. Recent poems are published or forthcoming in The Compass Rose, The Fine Line, Front Porch Review, Kitchen, The Single Hound, Manor House Quarterly, The Ghazal Page, Corium Magazine, Petrichor Review, Forty Ounce Bachelors,The Whistling Fire, Xenith, The Newtowner, Red Poppy Review, Prompt Literary Journal, Sparkbright Magazine, Midwest Literary Magazine, Quantum Poetry Magazine, The Legendary, Prompt Literary Magazine, Thoughtsmith, and StepAway Magazine.