Letters From The Moving Coast

No matter how much time it takes
I want a little more
a coastline always changing
time and sea complaining

so I claim the littorals and vicissitudes
of these crowding waters
this needy weather
as any reason you might demand

but I do ask that you forgive
these letters from the moving coast
please understand they are no less true
for being unpredictable.



About the Poet: Dean Baltesson is a poet and musician living in Victoria BC Canada. He is currently working on a volume of poetry entitled There Must be Words To Describe This. His poetry and can be found in a number of online and print literary journals or on his recent CD “Covering Ground”.

One More Thing

I place
everything I own
into a small
I go
through it all
every day
and toss one more thing
each time.
But there are some things
that keep getting
It is very lonely
here, breaking
my heart.

About the Author:
Dean Baltesson lives in Victoria BC, Canada where he spends most of his day in a general state of wonder, writing music and poetry. He has published work in Blue Buffalo, Island Writer, IthacaLit, Mad Hatter Review and Leveler and is slowly working towards a manuscript of his poetry.