Marlboro Blacks

Somewhere, near a river,
at the edge of Normalcy,
a tent is pitched.

Three mouths exhale.

Plumes of smoke
spiral upward
with the summer
night's heat.

Angels have
been tear-gassed.

The Great Forest's
creatures are frozen
in their tracks.

Hours pass.

Six eyes close.

And as laughter dissolves
into the morning air,

the cowardly sun

sneaks a peek
through the trees.

About the Author: B. Diehl's passion for self-expression was realized before he was a kindergartner. 
He left high school within his first month, opting instead to acquire knowledge through self-taught home schooling. Throughout his teenage years, he was in three different bands as a lyricist and vocalist. However, at the age of twenty, he was forced to put his brief career as a musician behind him and get a “real job.”

While working a nine-to-five, he managed to find the time to begin earning a college degree: Associate in Arts, through online courses with Thomas A. Edison State College. He earned this degree in December, 2013. And in January of 2013, B. Diehl finally began writing again after a three-year break –– this time, in the form of poetry.

He is currently working on his first collection of poems, Zeller’s Alley, a book which he aims to have published by the end of 2016.
He is from Phillipsburg, NJ.