Wood Palette



On the deck, overlooking
white Coronado waves,
he washes yellow mountains
into teal-light skies, then whispers
as walls are built. She stands
in vineyards. He takes away the vines
and they resurface, crimson; then
begins his daily trip, slave to the inner
rhythm, where          Blue
          Swarms in rich apples
          walks in the puddles
          and gathers crisp ripples

          Rhymes with silent sounds of purple
          meadows, wet capes and the lap
          of quiet lotus petals
          swimming in

          Enfolding yellow stamens of
          marigolds, releasing ancient oils
          eliciting life-like sounds

          Rich hills where native sweat
          lodges wait for women, seasons
          churn and the undulating wheel of life
          still burns.

He soaks his brush in silk-shallow water
stares at the sun in shifts, stands back
to glide through slight canals in Venice,
sip afternoon wine with a dark-haired goddess—
mixes metal with yellow, sand with seeping wind
and sings patiently, this wood palette feels like sin.
then turns in the easel, puts on his hat
and hopes to sell two cars again.

About the Author:
Anne Tammel has devoted over two decades to the literary and writing profession. Tammel’s poems, essays, articles, and fiction have appeared in numerous publications. An author frequently called upon for speaking engagements, radio interviews, and as guest editor for literary publications, Tammel also runs Poets and Dreamers, leading the author's network that was featured in CBS Los Angeles, and which serves over one thousand writers throughout Southern California. Tammel earned her MFA in creative writing at California State University, San Diego, and her BA in English literature / career writing from California State University, San Jose. www.annetammel.com