In this world of immeasurably
delicate things,
there is a picnic basket spy, 
often mistaken
for the pencil tip crumb
on which the exclamation stands.

Every morning,
at exactly 5:24, 
this unexplorer
twitches in the folds
of concrete trenches.

A splintering squint
enjoying the view
of another partial sunrise.

Fearful and curious as it
counts the same dangers.

A whimper of longing,
an irregular wonder,
the thought of taking
one breath forward.

The thought of one breath…

The explorer within

what it would be like to climb;

to escape before the sun rises, 
before the waiting awakes, 
before the stalling relay resumes.



About the Poet, Jada Yee: Without a doubt, I believe that passion is a companion. My dear companion has helped me recover from my own imperfection. It has helped me define my joys, my fears, my anxiety and my depression. Poetry has given me a voice to express the hard truths. My writing can be found in Crack the Spine, Penny Ante Feud, Tipsy Lit, UndergroundBooks (The Kitchen Poet), Mad Swirl, The Write Place At The Write Time and Vine Leaves Literary Journal.