Embarking on Love

It was where fish
first curiously crawled
from the sea –
unaware that each step
meant no
turning back
and as I stood atop
the hard clay deposits
flowing from
Carmel’s cliffs onto
the beach like a
gigantic lizard –
serenaded by the
cries of the fornicating couple
in the ravine below –
I had no idea I was
about to fall in love
outside the toilets
at Disneyland
and my world
from that point
would always include you.
Above the People’s tent,
where the only per diem
was a bra strap or a shredded
pair of underwear,
passion and love
winked teasingly
from the charged clouds
over the ocean –
a brewing storm of mass
energy and zeal
that has electrified me
for decades.
This journey of mystery
was somehow predicted
at the juncture of sand, rock and sea
where creatures gathered temporarily on
their way to more permanent surroundings.

About the Author: After receiving his B.A. in English from Colorado State University, C.W. Bigelow has lived in nine states before currently living in the Charlotte NC area. His short stories and poems have most recently appeared in The Scrambler,The View From Here,The Shine Journal, The Gloom Cupboard, Indigo Rising, Litsnack, Sister Ignition, Full of Crow, FeatherLit, Curbside Splendor, Literary Juice,The Dying Goose, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Five2One, Poydras Review and Potluck.