When all thats left here is an ocean,
I will step back and look and thank my God.
For every wave there is a new start,
and no one here remains the same.

When I come across your new bones
I will place them in my hands
Two pieces will form a shoulder
and three curves will make your spine
Two many pieces make us cloudy
and different than you or I

And if I asked you what you thought
I think you’d laugh at me and say
Too much sadness on your saddle
Keep going right ahead

To say that I am grateful
for your companionship on this trestle
would be like us looking for that lost train;
the engine parts are rusted
and there is no way she will start again

For what we beg and risk and lose
matter no more
something endless
something fragile
something that may never, never come

So I will walk and I will smile
about gold wires in the dark
and how they shine
and how they spark
that gleam
that lies to my heart and makes it feel bigger than it is

An organ that comes in so many shapes
has the same god damn purpose:
to wake up in that field of tall brown grass
and have that person put you back together again

About the Poet: Amory E. Casto currently lives in Austin, TX and is working on her third screenplay. She writes poetry here and there to keep it jazzy. She loves puzzles and her cat, Harriet.