Wealthy Men Love Caviar

I only read poetry written by women;
What do I care about what men think?
I am and I will be and will-
I am poor and love poetry written by poor women-
They have common sense
Salting the creases in their skin;
And small things make them happy-
I know rich women and pretty women
Can have anything they want whenever-
Poor women are less skittish about
Poor men,
               men who only have words to barter with-
Poor women, even those who are pretty
know wealthy men love caviar
Because those men can afford it-
And caviar tastes like women they
Knew when younger and less spoiled.

About the Author Ned Randle: I have published a few short stories, the most recent, “The Amazing Doctor Jones”, in Cigale Literary Magazine, Summer 2012. My poems have been published, or will be published, in a number of poems in literary publications such as The Spoon River Quarterly, Circus Maximus, Seven Stars Poetry, Poydras Review, Emerge Literary Journal, Barnwood International Poetry Magazine, The New Poet, Hamilton Stone Review (Sept. 2012) and Four Ties Literary Review (Fall 2012). My chapbook, Prairie Shoutings and Other Poems, was published by The Spoon River Poetry Press, Bradley University.