A Glance at the Unseen

Vines climb what once stood tall and lonely,
Painting white washed walls with the passing
Strokes of time. Forgotten, not lonely,
Nestled just beyond the common sight.
Too often passed without second glance.

Solitary and strong, still standing
Long after the mail stopped its daily
Delivery. Voices have become just
A memory – but have not been lost.
Promises echo down every hall.

In an unfurnished room, light barely
Peeks its rays between the parted shades.
A mouse scurries across the dusty
Floor; the sun his audience and the house
His stage. He headlines there every night.

As the sun sets, darkness overtakes
Every room. Lamps shine in the distance,
But can’t quite reach their way through the trees
Which lessen the hum of the city.
Behind its guards, Life goes on and on.

About the Author:
Nathan Hepler is from Myerstown, Pennsylvania, and has been writing poetry for years.