The Revelation of Her Organs

Carla reveals more of herself every day
in her Facebook posts, which are brief poems
one-liners by a stand-up comedian in an ugly mood
For Carla they should have called it Organbook
for that is what she reveals

her bilious liver
her piss-stained kidneys,
her heart, made of dry soybeans missed in the harvest
and glued together to make a rude pump

her rusty vagina
like a part fallen from an old tractor
a 1932 International Harvester

There it lays in the field
near the only apple tree that’s been preserved
in soil heavy with clay and light with sand

There it lays, her vagina,
a round part with a bolt in one side
The tractor moves on down the dry field
Down the road another farmer is
and the jets of water fan out in the wind

About the Author:
Mitch Grabois’ poetry and short fiction has appeared in over seventy literary magazines, most recently The Examined Life, Memoir Journal, and Haggard and Halloo. His novel Two-Headed Dog (available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble) was published in April by Dirt e-books, founded by NY agent Gary Heidt. He was born in the Bronx and now lives in Denver.