From the Nursing Home, I Will Drive to My Own Genetics Counseling

for Bo

My sister once traced
Into my outstretched palm:

Now, she tells me that this memory is a lie.

She tucked the vain
Queen nicely
Beneath my ring finger:

Now, she tells me that this memory is a lie.

My sister once traced the
November northern lights
Into my palm, when

Nothing was impossible:

She will become
I search my hand for what we do,

The darkness, the thieving skies.

About the Author Rhonda Poynter has been a professional freelance writer and poet for over twenty years. She most recently had poetry, essays and other writing accepted through Sleet, Wascana Review, Blue Bear Review, Dark Matter, Freshwater, Triggerfish, Diner, Tipton Poetry Journal (Pushcart nomination), Minnetonka Review (awarded Editor's Choice) and other publications. She will have poetry and essays in four separate anthologies due out next year, and I have tentatively placed my second collection of poetry, Borrowed Time, with a publisher.

Much of her work centers on Huntington's disease from which both she and her 24 year old son, Gannon Blue, suffer. Gannon has been undergoing treatment for it for seven years. Poynter and her son are both presently going to UCSF Genetics for medical reasons. A genetic illness, the disease has stricken many of her family members. A great deal of her strength and inspiration comes from her son, "my son is the strongest, bravest individual I've ever known in my life."

For more on Huntington's click here for the Huntington's Disease Society of America.