Untrained Timeless Tuning

One proud, unseemly yet everlasting hoary wind
Escaping into the breathless fold of a storm-brought love
Escalating above the tumult of grounded trees
Lowered to rest in the silent play of her touch
With Mother Nature in lust at the American shoulder-sculpted God

President of inveterate honor
Failing to maintain true gaze
Into the outpouring blind Persian mystic call
To fray our sterling enveloped studio message

Apart from the leaking gauze
A city, wounded with loosening fear

A deadly oath

Rushing towards early traffic in the Brazilian grist

A panicking pleasure on Wednesday
Mid-week business urge to blaspheme the classical
Station of the near-retired family prize

Where loss disturbs the graying open
In a lawn-tempered drive through perfect memory
In the ingenious art
Instilled as ice on the brain
In a factory filled with fish-worn Guatemalan eyes
Beating on the beached flesh of an antiquarian whale
Bone-dry with anxious grace
Peaceful with a warming hatred
Bringing in close seeds, fostered yet unprepared for the raised urban soil
Feeding off the solar imprint of ancestral law

In northern skies, thinning in an atmospheric sense
Towards dismayed reason
Over all human failings, since recorded time
Since the fine rumblings of surplus rent astir religious imaginings
In caves of word-horded greed

Angelic money in the form of ideas

Bled on the knife-edge cloak-whispering cold of Calgary’s busted future
To sweep the blue rug of worldly instrumentation
Catching on the tongue of the popular drug
Inside song and the vocal push to color and make lush
The southerly child and the unredeemed passion
Inside the traumatized infancy
Resonating to heart’s untrained timeless tuning

About the Author:
Rusty Kjarvik is an emerging writer, world music percussionist and artist. His poetry has been accepted in various online and print publications including 3:AM Magazine, The Body Electric Anthology (and/or), ditch, and Marco Polo Arts Magazine. He has also published visual art in Maad Sheep and is exhibited at www.thenewpostliterate.blogspot.com. He performs music regularly with Vi An Diep and lives in Calgary, Alberta where he blogs at www.rkjarvik.blogspot.com.