In the Tradition of the Ancient Chinese Poets, Who Often Wrote About Wine

And when it gets too much for me,
you can carry me home.

The human body is a miracle!
It can take such questionable homebrew
and sometimes stay standing.

Just don’t drink the yeast
at the bottom of the glass,
or you’ll shit for weeks.

But it works, it’ll get you drunk.
The human body is a miracle,
a horrible, horrible miracle!

About the Author:
Nathaniel Hunt lives in Portland, Oregon, working as a freelance writer and editor. His poems have been featured in Iconoclast, The Houston Literary Review, Poetry Quarterly, and Pennsylvania Literary Journal, among others. He is the co-founder and co-editor of the upstart literary journal Cartographer. In August he will move across the country to enroll in UMass-Boston’s MFA program.