Steeper Digs

     Was that an ibex vanishing, a moment ago, into the greens
surrounding the falls in a far country,
     into the mists, away, like grace hoped on and more your own
as it eludes you? And who,
     after some twenty-five Ohio summertimes, can resist the whim
so not to follow now, imagining
     another year of it, with points you must make points of, for any
chance to be convincing,
     with the details and desires, yes, and books you might actually
be changed by still to get to,
     the peas and the onion sets begun, and that ibex vanishing, into
that brightening and rain in store
     since it's the season, whatever the tin man thinks, or the tan man
makes of it, of this second
     deer at the fenced edge of woods and greening field. So much
for the values cached, assessed
     in mobile calls and in-dash videos, for these containment stones,
this steep dig announcing
     steeper digs to follow, and for this deer about to bound, then
stymied, with fields ahead
     or state groves to adventure, through the brightening or shade
a day in the mid-nineties
     might make welcome, but, for a moment or so, considering,
with how many deer minds
     to turn him from that long gaze back to shadows, which,
in time being,
     makes me smile, even the tin man say, the tan man
     on local makes and matters, earlier

About the Author:
Robert Lietz is the author of eight published collections of poems, including Running in Place (L’Epervier Press), At Park and East Division (L’Epervier Press), The Lindbergh Half-century (L’Epervier Press), The Inheritance (Sandhills Press), and Storm Service (Basfal Books). Basfal also published After Business in the West: New and Selected Poems. Over seven hundred of his poems have been published in print and on-line journals, including recent publications in Istanbul Literary Review, The Pittsburgh Quarterly Online, Avatar, Contrary, Terrain, Valparaiso Review, Salt River Review, and Lily. Several unpublished collections are currently finished and ready for publication, including West of Luna Pier, Spooking in the Ruins, Keeping Touch, Character in the Works: Twentieth Century Lives, The Vanishing, and Eating Asiago & Drinking Beer. Meanwhile, he keeps active writing and exploring his interest in digital photography and image processing and their relationship to the development of his poetry.