Horseclock and Time Travel

half past eleven in the middle of the universe
doors almost closed and the sound of a waterfall

she holds an illuminating device capable of suspending time
the clock on the mantle has stopped
          intimidated by its own reflection
          intimidated by the visions through the telescope

like light-sensitive surfaces
ignited as they look out into the edge of the sun

          moments seen through the lens
          moments that are prisoners in concentration camps

          monuments made of four moons
          monuments temporarily late for coffee

overdeveloped images posing naked under the stars
horses captured in sequence with their feet all off the ground

horses that cannot be intimidated by time
missed on account of a nude woman and a waterfall

About the Author
Julian Jason Haladyn: I am a Canadian writer living in London, Ontario. I am the author of 17/13 (Blue Medium Press, 2007), the chapbooks Biographical Notes for an Unrealized Project (Ten Pages Press, 2011) and Convulsive Hotel Dreams (Trainwreck Press, 2008), and 12 Bulls (Blue Medium Press, 2010). My poems have been included in the collections Nuit Blanche: Poetry for Late Nights (2007) and Crave It: Writers and Arts Food Anthology (2011) and have recently appeared in numerous journals.