Under the Red Carpet

The deuce and a half truck
speeds from the Grammys
loaded up with red carpets
stacked like bloody cigars.
The tailgate is smothered
with barely-contained ego
and I imagine epic potholes
loosening a disaster movie’s
worth of red carpet tsunami
across concrete and asphalt,
welcoming all to the Korean
taco truck, the Swede/Thai
massage parlor, Japanese
hero figure shop, Russian
bakery and book emporium,
Pho/Chinese noodle house,
and destinations in between,
each of us on daily errands,
a star on unspooling runners,
tongues of our endless ways.

About the Author: Martin Ott is a former U.S. Army interrogator who currently lives in Los Angeles and still finds himself asking a lot of questions. His poetry and fiction has been published in more than 100 magazines and anthologies. His poetry book “Captive” won the 2011 DeNovo Prize and will be published on C&R Press in 2012. “Poets’ Guide to America” – a collaboration with John F. Buckley – will be published on Brooklyn Arts Press in 2012. More at www.martinottwriter.com.