The Christ takes photos of the walking wounded,
does nothing to heal their wounds.

He takes photos of the battlefields
no matter if they are broad plains or bedrooms.

He catches people’s emotions on film
and almost all of the captured emotions are fear.

The Christ views his time on earth as a failure
in the aspect that he garnered no understanding of fear

and its affects upon the body, how it eats away
at the soul, how it is the door the Devil walks through.

He snaps some pictures of a young couple,
centers on the girl, on the subtext of her eyebrows,

how her laughter is hollow compared to his
and mostly she is at his side, an accessory.

He wishes he could do something, right now,
a gentle hand upon the shoulder, anything.

But, no, there is no invitation for his aid,
and a heavenly edict against direct intervention.

About the Author: Kenneth P. Gurney lives in Albuquerque, NM, USA with his beloved Dianne. He edits the anthology Adobe Walls which contains the poetry of New Mexico. His latest book is This is not Black & White. To learn more visit http://www.kpgurney.me/Poet/Welcome.html