All That Is Might With the World

Even in the commuter age drive
distributes hunger and coercion
to power the marginal
and main street pipe organs.
Livers and legs harmonize
resentment and dreams,
a hard swallow song.

The starving don’t always want;
the wanton always lack.
Short-lived memory cards
grant mother boards towers
and the lucrative corporate circuitry,
while laborers fill holes with their bodies.

Tomorrow brings focus away
from alternatives also
and burns through pockets
of resistance. Dog whistles
divide what would have been
rabbits and churches prey.

Will and Frank Realty
thank their lucky Darwin
for their success and the slow
sand irritating the oyster prophets.
The choir has its pecking order
and nesting protocol also.

Afterlife needs no court
worming around estates.
The pigeons beaten, molested,
or neglected when children
can go to hell.
The bubble birds celebrate
champagne campaigns.
Aaahh - men.


About the Author: Rich Murphy's second book Voyeur was published in 2009 by Gival Press. Alvin Malpaya’s review of it may be read at Rattle by clicking here. Janelle Adsit’s review in The Pedestal Magazine may be read here. Erica Goss’ review may be found in Main Street Rag, winter 2010 issue. Other books and chapbooks include The Apple in the Monkey Tree, Hunting and Pecking, Phoems for Mobile Vices, Family Secret, Rescue Lines, and Great Grandfather.